Why Prayer

Why is Prayer Important

by Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

In prayer we become conscious that we are part of a greater plan, and release the focus on ourselves.  If we think that we are all there is in the universe, we may find ourselves mistaken. Prayer helps us to awaken to the fact that we are not alone. By acknowledging that there is a greater One, as the root and Source of all Life, we begin to understand what scientists are telling us that Life is mysteriously organized and that there are greater forces than we, who are here to help.

By daily going deep within ourselves and invoking a vibratory prayer from within our inner being, our thoughts rise beyond our problems and into the realization of the illusion of separation from the Godhead.  By developing our spiritual practice, we come into the awareness  that we, as sons and daughters of the Divine, have been given an amazing gift of grace and forgiveness that flows from the Divine into this world, penetrating our chaos. By directing our thoughts outside ourselves and towards the Divine, we may want to use different Divine Names, said out loud or in silence.  This helps us focus our energies towards the Divine as we become co-creators, capable of manifesting the necessary changes as to how to live and how we can affect the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of people for positive change through transformational vibrations.

Why is Meditation Important?

by Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

In meditation we can feel the unconditional joy and love of the universe.  We can also learn how to listen to that still small voice.  Meditation also helps in healing our physical bodies because when we sit quietly, we allow the cells within our body to also come into a peaceful state of being.  Additionally, our mind should seek to find a state of Divine Realization.  Then we can discover the powers co-creation activating a divine presence within that is lying in the depth of our souls

Not all meditation has to be silent.  We can internally or externally use Sacred Chants and Divine Names to focus our energies on a Higher Presence.  Some people prefer to listen to music or look at mandalas, cosmograms and artistic designs which gives the mind something to focus on, rather than the thoughts of the earth.  Sometimes, however, it is appropriate to spend your time of meditation in sending positive thoughts throughout the earth or to people you know need your Love.  In this way your energies can be used to help Mother Earth, or family and friends in a way that cannot always be done verbally or in person.  In meditation, we can, thus, discover the opening up of global horizons enabling us to build golden triangles and ‘temples of understanding’ of cooperation between diverse peoples and cultures.

In higher states of meditation, we may also begin to work on many levels or planes of existence as non-local beings of consciousness. The multidimensional universe is full of brotherhoods and sisterhoods in constant with the Godhead who want to help.  With a loving discernment, on these higher levels of contact, we can find, through mediation, that we can also work as ‘the many and the one’ in helping not only to change our life patterns as an individual, but also work in harmony with greater Hosts for the healing of all life and humanity.

Sample Meditation

by Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

I know that with Divine Help, we can all become sparks of divinity and help to prepare the world to seek renewal in this Age of Miracles. We especially ask in the name of the Divine Mother –and those who are our divine guides and the highest levels of the angels and avatars to help purify and guide our planet. We seek also to help planet Earth by aligning our mind’s eye with the great powers of Archangel Michael, Metatron, and Melchizedek.

May the Creator of All – Help Me at this time of Need with Divine Blessings and Personal Healing. Let me feel the illumination from You come into my heart in the form of emanations of Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Understanding. Allow me to participant in Your Life Force, for You are the Living I AM. Help me to visualize the highest “Light,” the super‑luminal Light, which I now feel coming into me with great Warmth and Joy – entering my being. Let me receive your Loving Kindness and heal my life so that I may be completely restored and become a living vessel of perfection and Glory.

As I feel Your Loving‑kindness in the inner most space of my being, let Your force of Divine “Light” renew my body, mind, soul and spirit. Let Your Divine Power continue to help and assist me in maintaining this flow of Your Divine Love and Healing Power with the power of Archangel Raphael – bringing me into a perfect renewal with Your Divine Protection.

Let each person living in this place of turmoil recognize how we are all one consciousness – one physical Being having the protection of Archangel Michael. Let the harmony and Love that we send forth to them right now be the new ‘Foundation’ upon which we build with them, and Your Heavenly Hosts, a greater Matrix of the Tree of Life.

Bless all humanity, Divine Father, Divine Mother, Eternal Spirit, Divine Hosts. Help us all to overcome the individuality and see and feel the collective Oneness. And no matter how difficult are the situations of planetary life let us comprehend the importance of the tree of Life, the emanations from which we all came.

And let us use the words of a universal blessing we proclaim the Power of the Divinity in the Universe


(Could be said 3 or 12 times)

(Om and Aum both represent the sound of the Infinite in the East,

and Umma the peoplehood in the West)

Let all peoples feel Your healing process through the sacred vibrations of life that we can together create a greater planetary balance in harmony.  Let us now visualize the energy vectors of the Earth shifted into a new paradigm of greater Peace, Compassion and Love.

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

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