Typhoon Haiyan the Philippines

Emergency Prayer Request–Philippines

All members and associates of the Academy fellowship throughout the world are urgently asked for prayers and mental light projections of help and healing to be shared with the people of the Philippines and the surrounding island communities.  Knowing that this is considered the strongest typhoon (hurricane) on record with winds of more than 150 miles per hour hitting the south of Luzon, and hundreds of smaller island communities on the southern  side of the Philippines, we ask for immediate Light Intervention and Light Healing from the Holy Spirit–the Ruach Ha Kodesh.
There have been a series of solar flares and reports of earthquakes and severe storms in other parts of the world over the last two weeks, but this storm is beyond belief in terms of its devastation.  And so we ask for your prayers:
Divine Father and Mother in the form of the Dove, we ask that you encircle the Philippines as a great vortex of Light creating sanctity for the entirety of this beautiful nation. From the encircling of the Dove we see a great vortex of healing energy in green, pink, gold and white color being poured among the heads and hearts of the survivors that they may be given spiritual strength and food to sustain them through this period of transition and rebuilding.  We ask the full power of the Cosmic Christ to intervene and help the peoples afflicted, particularly the women, children and animals we see in a state of shock.
And for those thousands who have passed – May the words–“ Soma Christou”–be pictured in golden letters over the heads of the multitudes in the islands of the Philippines as a call into a great vortex of transition. Let us see the rainbow rays of Light coming from the Return of the Dove.
We know this is a sign and warning for all nations living along the oceans that will be affected by great environmental changes. We know this is a sign for us to be greater way-showers of help and emissaries of Thy greater Light at a time of Climate Change. Let us use the gifts of remote viewing and remote healing in the pouring out of compassion upon the peoples afflicted by sudden change. Let the remarkable caves of the Virgin in the southern Philippines give testimony to the healing powers of the Divine Mother.

We say aloud and in our hearts: “May Peace Prevail on Earth and in the Philippines–Ain Soph (144 x).”   Divine Father, Divine Mother, Eternal Christ, we pray to make a great vortex of healing prevail in and around the Philippines with the sacred expression of:
“Ruach Ain Soph Elohim (144x).”
Amen, Amen, Amen and AmenDr. J.J. and Dr. Desiree Hurtak

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