When we received news on the departure of our beloved friend, Thomas Stanton, we were still in Salt Lake City, UTAH, as speakers as the Parliament of the World’s Religions at the large auditorium adjacent to the Mormon Temple and Tabernacle. This was truly a wonderful place to be in offering our final prayers for Tom who embraced the ideals of the Book of Mormon and the Catholic Bible. In fact, the Saturday evening before his passing, we were in the original tabernacle on Temple Square all night for a beautiful music conference that included prayers from around the world. Indeed, Tom Stanton could be called an ecumenical Christian, a man who throughout his youth and in the mature years of his life showed respect and love for all people of faith. Years ago, we remember him standing in a little grove of giant redwood trees close to his artistic studio in Holy City on a cold and rainy October afternoon. He was saying prayers to the Divine Mother and giving thanks for living and working in such a beautiful place of Mother Earth. As a devoted father and artist who firmly held high the reality of Christ and discoveries in science, he believed that a new era of understanding was soon to reveal the existence of intelligent life in the Cosmos. Tom was a member of the Academy for Future Science, a United Nations NGO (a non-government organization) and illustrated two of our books on the coming unity of science and religion distributed to many universities and engineers and students here in Silicon Valley.

But there is another part of the Tom Stanton story that we would like to share with you that made him famous in other parts of the world where the press is a little more open to scientific exploration in space and the possibilities of life in the universe. In the early 1980s while I (Dr.JJ Hurtak) was a private consultant at Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to write a book on the anomalies on the surface of our sister planet Mars. Mars was the subject of massive investigations by NASA’s Mariner 9, and Viking l and Viking II programs in the 1970s in search of the conditions of earlier evolutionary life. At that time I asked Tom to illustrate the existence of unusual land forms on the Martian surface as seen in the Viking images. The models that Tom built were indeed beautiful and accurate and included in my book which was published by MacMillian Publishing in Australia as a best seller. In fact, the book and Tom’s artistic work became the subject of findings on ‘Good Morning Australia’ which went around the world in 1984 and were the basis of a television series in Australia.

Now, a little over thirty years later, the “other shoe” has fallen and a new generation of European and NASA scientists have now confirmed the existence of the massive river system and pyramidal land forms of Mars that suggest my writing and Tom’s artistic work will survive as a new era of evolution in our solar system begins to be understood. Indeed, our work together as scientists and artist will survive long into the 21st Century with a new look at the meaning of planetary evolution. Tom, you have done your work well and we will all see you again when we are all on the other side of space and time in that higher realm of existence the poet scholars and theologians call “Heaven.” May we hold high your work as a witness to the wonders of the explorations into our space and the reality of what we as a team talked about 40 years ago, viz., the real reality called by Christ in the scriptures as ‘the House of Many Mansions.’ …Blessings on the next page of your higher work!
——–Drs. J.J. “Jim” and Desiree Hurtak, founders of The Academy for Future Science, International