The Malaysian Air Disaster in Ukraine: Sign of future Minefields or Miracles?

The catastrophe of a Malaysian plane being shot out of the air by a missile (July 17), and crashing upon the fields of eastern Ukraine cannot be underestimated in its geopolitical consequences. The worldwide shock revolves again and again on the lack of human values combined with technological terrorism and political incongruities. It may take some time to fully referee all the technical data on exactly who is responsible for the downing of Malaysia Air Flight 17 over miles of remote farm fields. Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. said regarding the plane that it was “blown out of the sky.”

Regardless of many questions arising, this is an important reason to institute, through collective action, a space-law ethic for travel in our stratosphere and, ultimately, in the high frontier of Outer Space (see the article in Future History on ‘Existing Space Law Concepts and Legislation Proposals by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Spring 1998), ensuring that the final frontier of humanity is to be kept safe.

The wonderful news is that we have the antidote to either/or polarization of the Left Wing verses the Right Wing; a new way of thinking about higher consciousness from the “UP Wing” vision that sees a holographic mind of Christ consciousness at work that is easy to teach and can be rapidly spread with little cost. More importantly, from the human perspective, is the need to demonstrate in media and daily conversation the sharing of unconditional love, compassion and peace rather than filling our world with fear, hate, scarcity, and war… The need to intensify our call for divine intervention from ‘higher places’ through a new way of thinking, also allows all of us to acknowledge that we are NOT alone in the universe and that we can participate NOW with what The Keys of Enoch® call, “the Higher Evolution”.

Political boundaries have changed the lands of the Rus peoples again and again, but the majority of them are still connected with the Divine Mother and Child image of Kiev that has come down through the centuries. The world needs more narratives of how shared ethnic values and faith can be a bridge of cooperation, rather than a barrier of division. Let us pray–

Mari, Maria, Mari-ay,

Oh Divine Mother of Kiev –

Bless the Sacred Grid of Eastern Ukraine.

Let Your Presence Be Felt Upon all of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, and all the people affected by Malaysian Air disaster around the World. Let us Pray for Divine Intervention.

Amen, Amen, Amen, and Amen.

Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

Picture from Wikicommons