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Steven A.F. Trevino

Steven A.F. Trevino




A Wisdom Keeper, Futurist

and Agent of Change


The image of Steven Trevino stands forever in our Mind’s Eye as a ‘Wisdom Keeper’ for all Seasons and Souls. The world has gained a great asset in its platform for future education through the work and legacy of Steven Trevino.  Steven sparked creative thinkers and futurists throughout the world to work together for global education. With his fusion of genius and global futures in every aspect of technology, science, and consciousness design, Steven’s blueprint for preparing the youth of humanity to meet their highest potentials will come to pass through our creative efforts together.


Prof. J.J. “Jim” and Prof. Desiree Hurtak.
Friends and colleagues of Steve for twenty-five years.
The Academy For Future Science


Photo by David Woolfson

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  1. James Honeycutt August 27, 2017 at 10:28 pm - Reply

    I only recently learned of Steve’s passing. The last time we met was in Reston, VA in 1999 after I had attended Gateway at the Monroe Institute in Faber, VA. Steve had already attended Monroe and we shared our experiences. Steve and I were inseparable in High School in Las Vegas. We shared so many common interests in all the sciences. I miss Steve and am ever grateful for this online presence to reach other like minded souls that knew and loved Steve.

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