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Special Prayer for Peace Israel and Palestine


Beloved friends throughout the world, let our eyes now turn to the two halves of the Holy Land: Israel and Palestine.  Let us transform the tragic confrontations we have seen into a state of Peace and Resolution by means of the highest levels of prayer throughout the day and  night.

As struggles persist throughout Middle East, this has historically been one of the most dangerous and holy places on Mother Earth, as it especially includes the Holy City of Jerusalem.  This is more than a physical city but a vortex point of Light that reaches between Heaven and Earth.  Transformation needs to take place so we can stop the continual flare ups.  With this in mind, let our eyes visualize a spiritual Light from the heavens touching the hearts of all politicians and combatants. Let there be an end to the missiles of destruction and let there be a bridge of valiant men and women building on peace and positive construction.

Let there be an end of suffering that can only come from “inner peace building” from within the hearts of people in Israel and Palestine and all of us, so that there will be a new flowing of understanding from the hearts of the children of Abraham towards one another. Let the heirs of  compassion construct a much larger plan of Creation and Divine Purpose that will prevail in the Middle East and throughout the Earth!  Thus, let us affirm with our hearts these words:

“May Peace prevail on Earth and in the Heavens” (12x)
O Malcat Ateret Horadim–O Queen of the Stars 

Let us acknowledge the love and compassion of the Mother of Jehoshua, Jesus, the one who is identified with Imma and Miriam and the Divine Mother associated with all the children of the world regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. Bring a sign of Your Divine Presence over this Holy Land. O Divine Father of the Prophets and Sages who speaks to all the Children of Abraham.  We turn to You. Bless the hearts of all whose eyes are turned towards Jerusalem with Your quickening of Light.  Help us to overcome all movements of war and tensions of discontent. Let all plans for war be vanquished with a surge of Divine Light.  Let the movement of Peace-makers increase, increase, increase, and overcome all who seek armed confrontation rather than New Birth and Brotherhood and Sisterhood with the vision of the Psalms.

As the Psalmist has written (in Psalm 122),
“Pray, you people, for the Peace in Jerusalem”,
let us repeat these words in our prayers (12x).
And again (in Psalm 133) –“Look! How good and how how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”
Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak
Academy For Future Science

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