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Siegfried Wiegand

Siegfried Wiegand

16. Dec 1930 ~ 24. Jan 2012

After a time of forgiveness and humility, Siegfried has followed his wife Antje to the Lightland. His heart was gentle and truly seeking God, and sometimes too sensitive for the harshness of this world which would make him close down occasionally to it’s challenges and it’s relationships. Siegfried was an integral part of the European Academy for many years, and was instrumental in laying it’s publishing foundations by overseeing the recordings and transcriptions of many of the early seminars of Drs J.J. and Desiree Hurtak in Switzerland. Due to his diligence, publishing skills and meticulous, patient work the German speaking Academy in Europe had a headstart over all other languages in Europe and was able to form groups based on the wonderful study materials that were printed and distributed through him and his wife in the early years. He was a deep searcher for the true answers of life and Divine Life; and would sometimes get into conflict between his traditional education which included a theological seminary and the Enochian cosmology of direct experience. May he now find the LIVING Divine Name at the end of his journey. We give thanks for his life and service to the higher work and the needs of The Academy in Europe, and will always remember him as a pioneer who, in his own way, helped to chart new territory of bringing the multi-dimensional thought-forms of the Enochian teachings into the German language.

May the Divine and Eternal Ha Shem

shine His Face upon him and give him Peace

Amen Amen Amen and Amen

Tribute by Ulrike Granogger

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