Our beloved sister in Light, Shirley Brachmayer, made her transition from this earthly dimension on Sunday 25th October, 2020 at 4.30pm, South African time. Shirley was a foundation member of the Academy for Future Science in South Africa, and she will be sorely missed.

Shirley’s keen and deeply inquiring mind found its home in her study of The Keys of Enoch® and the Divine Names and Vibrations, and she was soon a prominent teacher, mentor and friend to all students, but particularly to those who were new to the study of The Keys®. Her wisdom and understanding were guides for many through their initial look at the study material of the Academy, and her service and commitment will be remembered with deep gratitude and love.

She began to write thoughtful inspiring newsletters on aspects of The Keys® and their application in our lives (later written in collaboration with Alys Assimacopoulos). Through these eagerly anticipated monthly newsletters, she became a household name within the Academy, worldwide. Some examples of these newsletters can be found on The Keys of Enoch® website – including the last one she wrote with Alys.


Shirley was also well known for her lively sense of humor and fun. Many will recall with great affection spending happy, laughter-filled hours in her company on various social occasions. Always a joy to behold, her beautiful smile lit up her entire face, showing the Light that filled every aspect of her life.


Beloved Shirley, we will miss you, but see with joy your continuing journey home enveloped in the Eternal Light of Abba Nartoomid, the Father of Eternal Light, where you will be welcomed by the angelic hosts and all your friends and family who have gone before you. There you will hear the words, “Welcome home, good and faithful servant of the Light.”


With Love, we bless your enduring memory, your love and your dedication, and wish you God speed on your Aliyah.