The 72 Names of the Divine Mother

according to the study by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D.
copyright © 1998 J.J. Hurtak

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This study is connected with The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® and is intended to be an ecumenical study.
Therefore, for other expressions in various languages: see also our pages on the Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek expressions of the Divine
to provide additional study.  We encourage you to do your own research as well.
The purpose of this page is to allow those who so desire to study the Divine Names throughout the Scriptures.
Before studying this section we must acknowledge that there are more than these few
Names of Divine Mother provided in Vedic literature.
Remember, these words are sacred words and should be treated with respect.

Collected from Ancient Sources and Arranged for
Liturgical Setting of Chanting and Responses by J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D.,


Adyayai namah

Ajelet Mashachar

Ambayai namah

Ananda rupayai namah

Apara karunabhavayai namah

Atma ahlada dayinyai namah

Auset Isis

Batuat Hazedek

Beit Hamatmon

Cli Haira

Cli Hacavod

Citisakti diiptayai namah

Duritacharinyai namah

Dukhanivarinyai namah

Em Hamashiach

Habetula Haneemana

Hamarpeh Lacholim

Hamolca Shehorta Batom

Hamolca Shehualta Lashamayim

Hanocham Hasovlim

Hebetula Hachanuna

Hebetula Raba Hajekolet

Hored Hanistav

Hitpaleli Beadeinu

Ilat Simchateinu



Jagadanandakarinyai namah

Jagattrayahitaisinyai namah

Jatyayanyai namah

Kuan-Yin Shin-wen

Loka vanditayai namah


Mahavidiyayai namah

Malcat Ha’avot

Malcat Hamalachim

Malcat Hamodianim

Malcat Haneviim

Malcat Hasdadim

Malcat Hashlichim

Malcat Ateret Horadim

Malcat Habetulot

Malcat Hashalom

Malcat Kol Kukadoshim

Maria Sophia


Mayayai namah

Moshav Habina

Munindra hritpadmaguhaviharinyai


Nityayai namah


Padmayai namah

Parambayai namah


Piyhusa varsinyai namah

Prayai namah

Sansara samudra tarinyai namah

Sarvagatayai namah


Sha’ar Hashamaim

Sivadayai namah

Sri sadgurorhridayasthitayai namah

Svarupa salinyai namah

Tarayai namah

Tapatrayahantrayai namah

Trailokya vanditayai namah

Trayambaka patnyai namah




Vidhayai namah

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