Sandy: Prayers to Change
the Violent Weather Patterns

We appeal to all members of the Academy fellowship in North America to be part of our “early warning system” to thwart the course of the destruction of this major hurricane “Sandy” for the northeast coast of the United States from Oct 29-November 1, 2012. As most of you have been alerted, the USA is set for the arrival of a serious weather patterns that COULD bring havoc to many cities on the eastern seaboard without intense prayers for divine intercession using the holy Names that can offset the wind-rain trajectory so the storm dissipates back into the ocean or comes inland over underpopulated areas.

Let us visualize a “wall of light” bending and calming the hurricane
called “Sandy” with the words:
“Mir-Mir-Miriam Shem Shel Geburah” (in sets of 12x)
whose name in Hebrew means “bitter waters that are cleansed by the
power of the Divine Name”
and with the words of the Divine Mother–
Sara Sharti-Mayyai Namah (in sets of 12x)
whose name in Sanskrit means “the Mother who has the force from the
power of all powers.”
May our prayers and visualizations of a “wall of light” overpowering
a “wall of water” and the power of the air — prove successful with
restoring the balance of nature.

We also pray these words can be used if needed during the period of
20-28 December when people from all over the world will assemble in
Yucatan to mark a peaceful transition into the next cycle according
to the Enoch teachings of the historic grid area of Zarahemla.

In Divine Love and dedication we serve humanity with the Light.
Dr. J.J. and Dr. Desiree Hurtak

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