In our meditations, music, prayers and readings of scripture – we, friends and colleagues of Sandra Clark, acknowledge the passing of our beloved sister “Sandy” who was deeply involved in the search for a deeper understanding of life. Devoted to The Keys of Enoch® for more than twenty-five years, she was always a joyful person, with many talents. She loved to sing and use the names of the Divine Mother in the many different sacred languages. In a deeper sense of the journey of the human soul, we give praise to the Loving Father who has called Sandra from the work of being a ‘planetary pilgrim’ of the higher ‘Christed nature’ in service to the human race, to the work of the Divine Family and Light Work within the heavens of the ‘Ultimate Triumphants’.

Although Sandra had been president of UCM (Universal Church of the Master) for many years, she continued to work in ecumenical fellowship with many groups, including the Academy for Future Science. Sandra exemplified the work of the Divine Mother as she used the gifts of compassion and unconditional love for all people in her work.

In memory of the passing and uplifting of the spirit of Sandra, let us meditate on words reflecting the need for greater dedication to the living God in this life –

“O beloved Mother, may the great power of the Godhead, the Elohim, pour out Your Wisdom. Let us understand how the soul of Sandy has represented for us the networking of fellowship and Light. She exemplified the true agape (love), connecting our hearts to the heart of each human being through the Source of All. May the higher Sophia Wisdom be present in releasing her soul through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

O Maria Sophia Agape, bless Sandy in her ascension with the abundance of Love and Wisdom so that she may have a vision of the higher worlds.

“O Malkat Ha Shlichim, Mother of the Messengers, we ask for Your help to use the many levels of spiritual understanding and quickening from the feelings of our own limitations and the finite nature of human life. Let us be like Sandy – a Wayshower of Light. And, at the time of our own transition to the higher worlds, let us be ready to receive, as did Sandy, the fullness of the Divine Presence of the Messengers who come with Love, Joy, Peace and Oneness with the Eternal Christ. In humility, let us always be ready to become awakened to the next phase of service in fellowship with the Divine Truth and Light. We give thanks for the fellowship we have shared with beloved Sandra Clark.

O Divine Father, O Divine Mother, Eternal Christ, we pray and affirm the nature of Malkat Ha-Shlichim (Sh’le’cheem) in Hebrew-Aramaic, the work of the Divine Mother as a Queen of the Great Messengers (12 x). Prepare Sandy for her greater journey.

In the Divine Name-YHWH
Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak