Prayers for the Gulf of Mexico

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Prayers for the Gulf of Mexico

We offer our prayers for the Gulf of Mexico!


May the oil spill catastrophe that is contaminating the waters, the estuaries, the river inlets, and the breeding grounds of birds and all marine life forms be stopped and the oil be drained away so that there is a restoration of the waters. Let us visualize the Light surrounding the blue-green waters of Mother Earth and the oil being collected and purified.

In the name of the Divine Mother – we call upon the divine guides and highest levels of the angels and avatars to help purify and guide away the waters of oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico–from the greater waters of the Atlantic and Gulf stream. We seek to close up the opening in the floor of the Gulf by aligning our mind’s eye with the greater powers of Michael, Metatron, and Melchizedek who have told us in revealed scripture that they can help us with our sparks of divinity to prepare the world to seek powers beyond disasters in this Age of Miracles.

We ask for divine intervention also for each of us, as well as our scientists and environmentalists who are brothers and sisters to be the effective water-keepers of Mother Earth and to save every form of life in the fragile estuaries and inland lakes and streams that connect with the Gulf of Mexico from the great catastrophe. May the importance of a greater global bio-ethics emerge out of this tragedy as we transfer the misuse of technology into a greater planning of energy and the economy for the future.

In the Divine Name, YHWH, and all its divine permutations—may the words of Shem Shel Geburah (the strength of God’s holy Name) help us forge a miracle through our powers of prayer as part of our co-evolution.  May You, Divine Father and Divine Mother, come to our assistance to help with the needs of Mother Earth as we unite to stop the oils of the Gulf with the anointed oil of the Christ.

May the Divine Eternal One quicken the stoppage of the oil and permit the purification of the waters through the Waters of Life. May the Divine Mother purify the waters of the Earth Mother through our prayers and meditations for the biosphere. May Peace prevail on Earth and the prayers offered around the world quicken a living response to life through YHWH Shammah, God is Here, to help us!


Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak,
sending our thoughts and prayers from
The Academy in the USA (
The Academy For Future Science, Europe
and The Academies (ACF) throughout Latin America

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