Prayers for Peace and Harmony throughout the Near East

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Prayers for Peace and Harmony throughout the Near East

During the past week, the sun from North Africa to Afghanistan has changed. The issues are complicated, but the changing realities require us to be a strong “Lighthouse” to the nations of the Near East.  Like the wondrous Lighthouse, considered one of the seventh wonders of the Ancient World, that once stood in the port city of Alexandria (Egypt), we need to be that Light now. Now is clearly a time when changes could open the way to more discoveries along the Nile, and yet Egypt is coming under seize by protesters who are seemingly stronger than the newly formed transitional governments.

In spite of the protesters, let us focus on students, scholars and futurists who seek to align with the peacemakers in the Near East, especially in Egypt.  Regardless of the political clashes and outpourings of hatred, the cultural historians know that many of the great minds of Western civilization (Homer, Pythagoras, Moses, Aktenaton) lived and worked in Egypt, and that the “soul of Egypt” is within everyone who receives the light of the Sun that shines over the secrets of Eternity.

The International Day of Peace (September 21) this year beckons us into strong visualizations of pouring more light and hope into the Near East, particularly the countries of the Arab Spring. Let our prayers for peace and brotherly/sisterly love become greater than the guns of opposition and violence. The youth need to look to philosophers and writers like Kahlil Gibran who proclaimed: “I am not a politician, nor do I wish to become one” and “Spare me the political events and power struggles, as the whole earth is my homeland and all people are my fellow countrymen”. Let us continue to see ourselves as brothers and sisters on planet Earth and let us see a new day coming where the lands of the Crescent shine and, in harmony, share their Love and Peace upon the Earth.  Let us pray:

Rachmana (Aramaic) The Compassionate One
Ar-Rahman (Arabic) The Compassionate One
Theos oiktirmon (Greek) Compassionate One
May the peacefulness of the Divine be felt in the hearts and minds of all peoples! Let the Greater Light overcome all violence and division. Show love and compassion to those caught up in the flames of hatred so that they may be truly transformed by the Light of Your Love.
May Peace prevail on Earth and in the Heavens.
Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen

— Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak, Academy For Future Science

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