Prayers for Haiti

Prayers for Haiti

We of the Academy send our prayers of support to brothers and sisters in Haiti and the surrounding islands of the Caribbean Sea for the recent tragedy of the massive earthquake (January 12) and devastation.
This sudden event is only part of geophysical and environmental changes we have and will be facing. Haiti itself is more well-known for hurricanes and flooding, but an earthquake this strong has not been recorded in over 200 years. We must all be prepared in using spiritual energy and practical knowledge to extend help to all brothers and sisters who can receive our paraphysical and spiritual energy with the power of the mind.
In reality, this is a wake up call for world islanders who will feel changes taking place deep within the floor of the oceans as in the islands of Indonesia (December 2009).

O Divine One,
Let us use Thy following Sacred words to bless this region of upheaval
and let these words pass through the whole Caribbean from the
smallest island nation of Haiti to Yucatan and Cozumel.
With Thy Grace,
let us be at the Gate as Masters of Divine Faith and Love.
(The following words are to be used as a positive affirmation
to bring “Healing” to those in Haiti)
Malachi Melek Melakim – Joshua Joseph Rapha Rohi
Messenger King of Kings – Joshua Joseph Healing Shepherd
Let us be a “Guiding Light” and visualize streams of Light pouring
upon those seeking new homes and shelter and helpthrough the power of
Emunah Elohim (Faith in God).
Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.
For now join us in our prayers of Love,

J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.
Academy For Future Science

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