Prayers for Chile

Prayers for Chile

We of the Academy for Future Science throughout the world turn our eyes in deep prayer to the massive earthquake (8.8 Richter) which has struck the coastline of Chile. Given the scale of this earthquake, making it the fifth largest in recent recorded history according to experts, we rejoice in the fact that the loss of life is not near that of Haiti (7.0) or the half million Chinese in the 1976 Tangshan Chinese earthquake (7.8). Although we know that the numbers will continue to climb, it is still a miracle, almost unbelievable, that so few lives in Chile were lost! In the midst of what could have been unbelievable destruction, Chile was truly blessed! Equally miraculous is the fact that the expected tsunami that was to hit the entire coastline of the vast Pacific Basin was mitigated as the waves subsided, from what we believe were prayers from all over the world which pacified the Pacific ocean.It is important that everyone realizes that we have brothers and sisters of The Academy, not only in Santiago but also in Concepcion and many of the neighboring towns. Only five months ago, we lectured in the university auditoriums of Concepcion to not only Academy friends and associates, but many bright young college students to whom we send our sympathies and our prayers for peace and stability for their families, their community and their country. We ask the Divine Father of All to inspire each one of them to help get their lives back to normal at the university, or in their work environments. We also pray that all our friends are still with us on planet earth as we know they will be those who are helping others in their time of need.

Let us all pray to empower our brothers and sisters who have survived and let us continue to pray that they can rebuild their homes and communities, street by street, hectare by hectare, city by city. Let us use the sacred names from all points of the world to pour energy into Chile to all areas in need of healing, especially to members of the Academy, the “Ammi Shaddai” to help bring spiritual energy and power into circulation among people seeking hope and personal direction to their lives.

O Divine Father,
Yahweh Shammah (The Lord is there),

Let Your Presence of Light be upon the people of Chile and allow the miracles of resuscitation and guidance deliver many from the midst of the earth changes.
O YHWH may the Academy members living in Chile also be the Light givers and the Wayshowers for many in need.
May all of us continue to send our love and prayers of spiritual assistance.

Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak
and Ulrike Granogger
sending our thoughts and prayers from The Academy in the USA
The Academy For Future Science, Europe
The Academy For Future Science, South Africa
and The Academies (ACF) throughout Latin America

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