Phyllis Schlemmer Carmel

A Testimonial to the Life of
Phyllis Schlemmer-Carmel


J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D., Founders of The Academy for Future Science

We salute the passing of our beloved Phyllis Schlemmer Carmel from Flagler Beach, Florida, who was one of the pioneer thinkers in the real ‘inner dialogue’ on the purpose of  life behind the issues and debates underscored in science and religion.  Desiree and I remember our early experiences with Phyllis during our early visits to New York and the Middle East, our lectures and travels with her and others  in Israel which she organized –in historic places around Jerusalem. At one time, in the archaeological zone of  Megiddo, a paraphysical “Light” event took pace which was mentioned in the Israeli news the following day. At another time, the “teleportation” of our car took place with Phyllis between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv  where Desiree and I were lecturing on The Keys some thirty years ago! We also relished being with Phyllis in the beautiful farmlands and gardens surrounding the home of the famous scientist Dr. Puharich in Ossining, New York, on our many visits around the family pond, including magnetic gatherings with gifted writers, like Gene Roddenberry and Lyle Watson on the future of civilization, in world travels, and, in the Faraday Cage, discoveries with our esteemed colleague, Andrija Puharich.   In recent times (see picture) we were blessed in sharing historical research and conversation with the inner teamwork of gifted researchers like Sir. John Whitmore on the porch of Phyllis and Israel’s residence in Florida.  Most of all, we enjoyed her correspondence on life as Phyllis was an immaculate thinker who pulled no punches on the difficulties and challenges of change for Earthlings on the verge of great discoveries in all fields.

Her views argued that the downward trends of modern society were due to the lack of dialogue between science and the humanities to converse on the vital issues of spiritual life, and the lack of scientists and spiritual thinkers to see the larger picture of civilization as one connected with cosmic civilization. Nonetheless, she felt her book, The Only Planet of Choice, was a testament of higher teaching that could overcome the false divide between science and the humanities and could prepare people throughout the world, especially those willing to be awakened to make inner changes, for a brave new era which would come with the discovery of extra-solar planets and the threads of cosmic evolution. Fortunately, her psychology and theology understood that the transforming power evolution and consciousness is not exclusive to Mother Earth and that “life in some form” will experience the next phase and purpose of “the Nine” operating through the human dimension.

Phyllis offers us all crucial insights about Christians and Jews, Buddhists and others, committed to justice and a better society and how they approach issues central to ethics and politics today. Those of us involved in other religious traditions–as well as those who participate in none–realize increasingly that to understand the twenty-first century, we need to understand more about religion and the higher philosophy behind the ‘contact story’ in the Abrahamic traditions, especially about progressive dimensions of religion. Those who share her concerns will be glad, as I am, that we have as a resource her incisive, fascinating and thought-provoking legacy of teachings connected with The Only Planet of Choice.

To you, Phyllis Schlemmer, eternal friend and partner in fellowship of the Ammi-shaddai, one who loved the beloved the Divine (Yahweh), and was aware of the meanings behind the story  of the Christed ‘Messianic Seed’ that He, the Creator,  sent into world to remind us of our eternal birthright, may all the power of Godspeed be with you in the next phase of your immortal soul!  From the material sciences to the future sciences you came to know, may the deeper meaning of the scriptures through the work of Enoch –pour forth, illustrating that profound religious experience is the schoolhouse for the soul–and that the experience of the sacred is a personal requirement for the opening of the life! Thank you for your life on the stirring and compassion within the heart.  May you in the next chapter of life  be blessed and may your teachings continue to inspire thousands of readers throughout the world.  We bless you before the Ark of the Covenant with these words–June 29, 2013.

Yisgadal, v’yiskadash sh’mayh rabo
(May His great Name grow exalted and sanctified),


Adonai Messiah Mi’shi’shi, Hallelu-jah
(May the Lord Messiah of Messiahs be praised)(12x)


Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen


Prof. Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Prof. Dr. Desiree Hurtak

Founders, The Academy for Future Science

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  1. Richard van Bemmelen May 19, 2018 at 11:42 am - Reply

    Phyllis may have well given Gene Roddenberry a lot of inspiration for his Star Trek series…

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