Personal PrayerThe action of personal prayer is an exercise in compassion for yourself and others. Setting aside a Spiritual focus in your daily life to allow Divine intervention into your life and the environment around you will improve any situation.

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Submitted By:Mary Elizabeth Williams
Prayer Request:El Roi you see me. . .please give me the sight the knowing and the awareness to fully be me here and now. May I be filled with strength confidence and peace in knowing that you see me and you care for me always. May all the emotional programming that tries to make my identity of the lower worlds be released and may I repent of any and all thought patterns and behaviors that are not me and that block me from knowing El Roi. May I take action with Love to be of service to the your everlasting Kingdom. Please pray my life here brings glory to the Most High and that my focus is fully on Life Everlasting and the wonderful Father God we have. El ROI. . . I know He sees.