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Personal Prayer

Personal Prayer
May the Creator of All – Help Me at this time of Need with Divine Blessings and Personal Healing. Let me feel the illumination from You come into my heart in the form of emanations of Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Understanding. Allow me to participate in Your Life Force, for You are the Living I AM. Help me to visualize the highest “Light,” the superluminal Light, which I now feel coming into me with great Warmth and Joy – entering my being.

Let me receive Your Loving Kindness and heal my life[or my condition] so that I may be completely restored and become a living vessel of Perfection and Glory. As I feel Your Loving-kindness in the innermost space of my being, let Your force of Divine “Light” renew my body, mind, soul and spirit. Let Your Divine Power continue to help and assist me in maintaining  this flow of Your Divine Love and Healing Power with the power of Archangel Raphael – bringing me into a perfect renewal with Your Divine Protection.

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
May Thy Will be done: George AAnonymous507-12-2020
O beloved Rachmana, El Hanun, Ani Yahweh Rofekha we ask for prayer for George A. He has been in ICU for three and a half months he has now been moved to another hospital into high care although he is more at risk as this is a a university Covid hospital. He is now able to breathe on his own however he is compromised neurologically, as are his lungs and kidneys. We pray that you have brought him this far O Pater Imon that a miracle may manifest according to Thy will. Whatever the outcome we pray that he be protected by the blessed Shekinah and grow spiritually - likewise his family and loved ones as he becomes a lesson for us all.
Todah HaShem x 3
Amen x 4
Délivrance, lumière, réussite et prospérité dans ma vieAnonymous507-06-2020
Live HeavenAltonH Barrett207-01-2020
Minyan (Mi Shebeirach Ruach HaKodesh)
Clarity of Vision
Clarity of Articulation
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