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On the Path of Peace

A Visualization
For all those on the

Path of Peace

angelLet us visualize the Divine Guardians of the Living Godhead and the Angelic Forces of the Universe sending Light down upon the countries of the Middle East.

A sign of Peace is created with a large eye that becomes a vortex through which the myriad of Light rays enter from the heavens as a sign of conjunction between Heaven and the Earth, connecting the faces of children with the faces of the Guardians of the Heavens.

The mind set of the rulers and princes of the earth is changed from war by the Light and the words of the Beatitudes that come streaking across the sky, “Blessed are the Peacemakers.”

We see above the planetary tumult, our petitions for Peace being offered to YOU, O DIVINE ONE, so that YOU can send down the Archangel Michael who is recognized by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike to come into the midst of the circle of Doves and set foot on the soil of the Middle East to hold all negativity at bay. And Michael, the Archangel, is joined by Gabriel and Raphael who are sent by the Most High to deliver us from war by creating a vast wall of Light, protecting the lame and the sick and the children of the Middle East with the words: May Peace Prevail on Earth.

We also visualize around the people of all the cities of the earth arcs of Light sent down from the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light to the rulers in Pyongyang, North Korea, to change their thought-forms of war to thought-forms of Peace. We visualize great rays of Light being sent down upon all of Korea and the countries of the East, and we feel brotherhood and sisterhood for each other pulsating a sacred heart intersecting with the image of a Dove.

O DIVINE ONE, let the energy of the Doves influence the leaders of military strategy on all sides of the Earth so that humanity can seek a non-violent path. Let us stretch our thought-forms of Love and Peace to be one with the Divine and let us feel the essence of this Divine Interconnection.

May we each come to the realization that we share a higher destiny and a Spiritual Body whose nature is pure Light, where the divinities and their realms want to commune with us no matter who we are, pouring forth rays of Light with the nature of Wisdom and Love.

Finally, we visualize the people in areas of conflict absorbing the Light, and beginning to comprehend the five immeasurable virtues for our five Spiritual Bodies. These virtues are the Body of Clear Knowledge, the Body of Unity, Invariable Longsuffering, the Perfect Knowledge of Wisdom and Limitless Love, and the Clear Essence of a Self-manifestation of the Divine that comes into the human dimension.


And now we understand the Peace that Passes All Human Understanding!

Let us therefore affirm and meditate each day upon the Song of Creation with these thoughts. May Peace Prevail in our Souls. May Peace Prevail in the Family of the Universe and from the Light Bodies that emanate from the Most High God and His House of Many Mansions.

—  J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D

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