Nigeria 2014

Nigeria 2014

Bless the Eyes of the Righteous (Nigeria)

The events in Northern Nigeria (April-May 2014) with the abduction of nearly 300 Nigerian Christian girls en masse has stunned all of the cities of Nigeria. The ‘forced repetition’ of foreign religious declarations by the captured girls wearing head overs and shawls demanded by Islamic extremists and being sold as ‘slaves’ is not only a sign of the troubled times we live in but a sign of the poverty of political leadership in parts of the West to understand the wider opening of  a conflict in the human soul. This division of soul power transcends borders, food and fiber, and is devouring the innocent ones in whole parts of central Africa, including southern Sudan. The sensitive parts of the soul are being threatened by the agents of violent change.

Into the dimensions of religious conflict in Africa we send the light of ‘the Shekinah’  into the eyes of those who wish help and hope so are frail and offer no resistance to being everything at once from their hearts of pure love.

We’re all linked together in networks of glory. Let us drink this nectar of the Cosmic Christ (the power of Divine Love) and spread it far, to all and friends. We share the mystery with them, and also wish to awaken our sleeping neighbors to the great mistake of slumber at the precipice. Awake, awake, and arrest the motion going forward towards violence and killing by a greater spiritual power that can be called upon to render savagery and weapons obsolete. Let’s see deeply into the eyes of the young girls and through their uncovered eyes– deep into their souls– and send them the ‘spiritual vibration’ of unity by the power of Remote Viewing. Bless the eyes of the righteous in captivity. Let each one of us be the answer for help from below and let the Divine Spirit working with the ‘Shekinah Light’ coming from above bring them freedom. Let us no longer waste precious time with politicians who cannot fulfill their sermons. Let the angelic messengers receive our cry for help and steer our visions and songs to the abducted girls by being the luminous counterpoint to the eyes that look for signs of help. Let us see the eyes of the girls be seen in our daily affirmations.

Let us pray, Shekinah lay-oo-esh Nigeria,

Yahweh lay-oo-esh Nigeria (12x)

Amen. Amen, Amen and Amen

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