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Naomi G. Gatlin.

(Died May 17, 2011) Born on the 21st of February, 1923, Naomi Garcia Gatlin, rose to become the first female controller of Bechtel Corporation and international director of The Academy for Future Science, an international non-government organization.  Renowned for her historic role as a financial controller that launched the first astronaut into outer space, Naomi participated also in major projects which included the upgrading of the electrical standards of Japan and Mexico. She was highly respected for her work at Bechtel by the former US Secretary of State, George Schultz, and The Academy by international scholars, Drs. James and Desiree Hurtak, for her work in promoting higher educational standards of futurism in Mexico and South America.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Andrew Gatlin, of Lockheed Corporation, and Ron Gatlin, recipient of several purple hearts and one honored by the President of the USA. Her immediate family includes her sisters and her brothers, her granddaughters and grandsons and her great grandchildren.

In tears of happiness, not those of sadness, we wish to honor our beloved friend, sister, and colleague who has opened a new chapter in her life. Beloved Naomi G. Gatlin has made her Grand Transition in San Antonio, Texas, United States, on the 17th of May, 2011, the eve of the founding anniversary of The Academy for Future Science. She was a highly thought of supervisor of the Academy’s books and media, The Academy’s International Director, student on The Keys for over thirty years, and a graduate of the Academy’s advanced training program on The Book of Knowledge.

A leader of deep faith, she represented the Academy in the major cities of Mexico, South America, and Japan, where she spent many years in studying the ancient sutras or texts of Japanese philosophy and theology of the ages.  Later, in Mexico and South America, she would use her linguistic talent to promote an understanding of God’s words in the sacred expressions of the biblical languages and the work of The Academy in all aspects of life, from archaeology to space science.

Although Naomi has gone on to a higher plane of glory her powerful influence on our personal lives still continues in each of us. It is this vision of the positive future which we shared with her, and which we would like to share with you. Naomi would like us to remove thoughts of sadness and separation and move forward with our mission of helping humanity prepare for the fantastic discoveries of the future.  In short, in the spirit of Naomi we celebrate the continuation of her Life in higher fellowship.

Each of us, in reflecting on the life of Naomi and our times of vast change, need to celebrate the story of Life behind life and the Higher purposes and Love of the Eternal that inspired Naomi to do incredible things. She began as a tennis champion in Texas, her native home, many years ago.  During World War 2 she worked at one of the local airbases.  After the war she married her beloved husband, Andrew and had a son, Ron.

Moving to California, Naomi became the first female financial controller for Bechtel Corporation and worked on the paperwork that brought an upgrade of electrification to the countries of Mexico and Japan. She also worked on the paperwork that launched the first astronaut from Cape Cavernal into space in the 1960s. In her later years she worked for The Academy For Future Science and was able to travel to Japan, Europe, South America and yearly to Mexico.

Thus, as we contemplate the life of Naomi Gatlin today, let us realize that  her ‘spirit’ continues at our teaching centers in the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, and at our agricultural center working with the Xavante indigenous people in the State of Mateo Grosso in southern Brazil. She was with us when we visited and donated agricultural equipment for food processing to our indigenous brothers and sisters.  She was with us in the old castle of Rosenberg in Upper Austria (see picture), where we discussed astronomy and cosmology, and in the busy cities of Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, where we touched the statues of Christ overlooking the city while discussing prophetic changes.  It was with The Academy that she found some of her greatest friends.

Although Naomi has been taken from us, she has left a legacy and a responsibility on the meaning of the higher work of The Keys that will never be forgotten.  She was able single-handedly to unite the continents of the world.  She was truly a female futurist ahead of her time respected by presidents and heads of corporations.  And like her we need to look forward and to do the right things in order to create a better future — and prove the accuracy of the ‘Divine Code’ first published in The Keys of Enoch®.

In all of her travels Naomi would remind you that we are always one ecumenical spiritual Family. In a sense, your education will be somewhat comparable to a passport that has to be renewed periodically.  The journey for Naomi was a long one of 88 years, but she had gifts to stay the course: a strong sense of respect for all life, a strong vision of our Divine mission and, most importantly, a measured optimism for the experiment of being Adamic sons and daughters on Mother Earth. And most notably of all, it may well be–and we believe it must be–that our generation will be the generation who will build the structures for permanent peace with the cosmic cultures of other worlds.

Naomi Gatlin, we salute you in your Grand Transition and wish you well for the exciting journey into the next chapter of The Book of Life that is connected with the Divine Eternal Father.  Knowing how much you loved God and the music and language of higher creation–you should be about your next work in the heavens.

We will all see ‘you’ in the future when we, too, are transformed into the garments of the Light Body which is our real body living in the Life Continuum that originally brought us here by birth.  In the meantime, we will take your example of care-taking the use of the sacred books and music of the Academy composers. We will  be sure that our outreach to new souls in the continual building of a worldwide Academy in new countries–where the name of God known to the ancient prophets and apostles as Y-H-W-H (Yahweh Elohenu Yahweh) will be honored.

Finally, Naomi dear, a small request. If it is possible through Divine Grace, show yourself to us from time to time that we may never lose sight of members of the Heavenly Academy (Yeshivah Or). May each of us learn from the lessons of focus and sacrifice that we must master as being part of the generation that sees the beginning of the Great Ascension.

In the memory of you, let us all renew our vigor and dedication to opening the ‘time door’ to the future with The Keys of Enoch® and we will double our efforts to reach responsible youth throughout the world who can learn from our pioneering work together with her as we read in Chapter 31 of  the Book of Proverbs:


“Strength and splendor are her clothing, and she laughs at a future day.

Her mouth she has opened in wisdom, and the law of loving-kindnesss is upon her tongue…

Give her of the fruitage of her hands, and let her works praise her even in the gates

[of heaven].”


To you, beloved Naomi, this will not be our last conversion.  Far from it. We will be seeing you in the future when we actively use the sacred expressions of the Most High. You are back to your true self.

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.


 Dr. J.J. and Dr. Desiree Hurtak

In lieu of flowers, she asks that any donations be sent in her name to The Academy For Future Science.  

If you would like to send pictures or say a few words, please leave your memories below under comments or email us at to add your thoughts and pictures and we will handle that for you.

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  1. Lilly Painter May 15, 2017 at 12:46 pm - Reply

    Did Naomi chant Nam Myoho renge kyo.
    My father, Dr. Pablo Zamora had a book with her and Andrew’s signature in it.
    I want to thank her family for planting the seed of Nam Myoho renge kyo , in our family. Thanks so much Naomi❤️❤️❤️

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