At this time (19 September 2017) we request prayers, meditations and social help to brothers and sisters in Mexico City (Federal District) and Puebla who are suffering from one of the great earthquakes on record (7.1 on the Richter scale).  This is comparable to the massive earthquakes that struck China in 1976 and nineteen times the strength of the quake that struck the area of San Francisco, California, in 1989.  More significantly, this earthquake struck on the SAME DAY as the Mexico City earthquake of 19 September 1985. This suggests a pattern of world events that we must understand, coming directly from Mother Earth herself . In the release of energies, which are actually coming from the crust-mantel interaction of the Earth, an affect can be felt in all parts of the world. This particular quake was reported to be 51km (32 miles) deep.  http://www.everythingselectric.com/earthquakes/


We remember being in Mexico City at that time in 1985, and Dr. Hurtak was asked by the authorities to speak on TELEVISA to the citizens of Mexico and to explain the science so that the citizens would understand what was taking place. Yes, we must tell our brothers and sisters NOT TO PANIC, this is part of many different earth changes being experienced globally. We add prayers also for our associates in the Caribbean islands such as Puerto Rico.


However, unlike other cities in the world, Mexico City sits on top of an ancient lake whose mud strata which makes even smaller earthquakes more destructive. If you live in the city, it is recommended not to live in high-rise buildings. For everyone there, we must use our prayers to reach out to loved ones with our abilities of REMOTE VIEWING, with the power of the mind, to place a ring of LIGHT AND STABILITY around the City so that no stronger events will occur.

It is also very important that we send our prayers to the large volcano in the area of Mexico City-Puebla, Mexico, Popocatepetl, so that it does not seriously erupt with plumes of fiery debris bringing additional disaster.  This calls for longer and more powerful prayers from each of us DIRECTLY with the DIVINE GODHEAD by calling upon the Eternal Father and he who is known as MELCHIZEDEK (Psalm 110).  Jesus is also of the Order of Melchizedek (Hebrews, ch. 5:7-10). Melchizedek as King, High Priest and Representative of Cosmic Intelligence is responsible for recycling the elements of planetary creation (Keys of Enoch, Key 318: 59-63).    

We pray:

“Divine Father –Most High God– we call upon your grace for Divine Intervention in Mexico and the help of the great authority in the sacred scriptures the prophets and writers called MEL-CHI-ZEDEK, KING OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. We ask for health and protection for all brothers and sisters and for the stability of the ground and volcanoes in Central Mexico through the power of MICHAELU.  We ask for direct intervention and for the saving of life from the power of CHRIST JESUS who is declared to be “of the Order of Melchizedek.”  We visualize bluish-white and green plumes and spheres of light around every sector of Mexico City and the surround areas of Puebla and places to the south. May a calming vibration from our hearts to every heart of every friend and every citizen we can visualize living in this special ancient area. We use the expression of the ancient Hebrew-Aramaic–

Zadik, Zadik, Mel-chi-zedek

(Righteous One, Righteous One, Melchizedek. )

Christos, Christos,

(Christ, Christ)



A-hav-vah Adonai

(Love of the Lord.) 

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.”


Dr. J.J. and Dr. Desiree Hurtak