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Maria Thereza Sampaio

Dear colleagues of the Academy–

We write with sadness and joy at the passing of our beloved sister of the Brasilian Academy for Future Science–Maria Theresa Sampaio. Maria Theresa was a member of the Academy for more than twenty-four years whose picture we have carried in our UN portfolio of her talking to the children of the indigenous Xavante people of Mato Grosso do Sul. She was always in the forefront of new ideas and changes that would help the expansion of the teaching of The Keys of Enoch® in her area of Brasil. We recall the important events surrounding the city of Sao Paulo in the mid-1980s when she gave us a film of a large extraterrestrial hovering over the city for hours. We received a very positive reaction from several of our colleagues at NASA on this happening that was captured on camera even though NASA officially denied the existence of advanced intelligent life in the universe.


We also remember our time together in Brasilia when colleagues from all over the world met to discuss the advances in science and spirituality with American, Russian, Peruvian, Chilean, and Brasilian colleagues in aviation in the late 1990s. Maria Theresa was always in front with important questions and observations as the meaning of life within the context of our Divine Father’s plan to use Brasil as a “schoolhouse” for the world of believers and non-believers regarding the “return” of the Cosmic Plan of the Master Teachers. Although our human side will miss her, our spiritual side knows that she is in the company of the Teachers of the Cosmic Christ and that her life is freed from the journey of searching and service of the higher truth of Creation.

Maria-Teresa has shown brothers and sisters throughout Brasil how underneath a great mass of speculation one can find outstanding gems of first-hand research in all areas of life, the new sciences, spirituality, and history. She, like our other members of many years of devotion to the teaching of Enoch and Metatron, lived in the wonderful joy and humbling position to see some of the very best of new ideas that have driven the Academy to be a major organization for the changing of world civilization that is ahead. Accordingly, we have become all the more enthralled with the vision of ‘service to life’–particularly to the disenfranchised–that continues to materialize into the greater experiences of life each day through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray, O Divine Shekinah, May Thy Spirit of Renewal and Rebirth that has taken a beloved sister to the higher heavenly worlds, remind us of our mission of service to Thee and to the humanity of Mother Earth that we have come to serve. May the Divine Mother, Maria-Sophia, help us with the gifts and miracles of transforming the humanity we touch upon each day with remarkable teachings and concepts in terms comprehensible to the public. May the Divine Language of Light–particularly, the sacred letters–Yod-Hey-Vod-Hey–guide us in glory in the coming work of ascension.

Amen, Amen, Amen, and Amen.

Prof. Dr. J.J. Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak, AFFS–USA

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