Prayers for Korea And Peace during the Holiday Season

A time of extraordinary challenge is upon us that requires your prayers for Divine Intervention in the areas of Korea to dim the lights of the war scenarios by a greater Light!  Let us each become peace makers through the Divine Spirit. Let us pray for peace and security for this realm of Malkut, this “kingdom” of human existence, within the Tree of Life.

Let us continue to pray for the planet with these thoughts and words:

O Divine Yah, we ask that this time of Thanksgiving be extended into many days so that we may be thankful for Thy Light and the gifts of ‘every good and perfect thing’ we can call upon from above.  Let me now begin to use the inner powers of my heart, mind and voice to radiate the inner ‘Outshining Powers’ that flow out from the human tabernacle of my body.  May all of us who use Thy Sacred Names, Oh Y-H-W-H, become the carriers of peace among the peoples of Mother Earth.

We pray for the right focus of actions in our lives, that we may use positive thought with Divine Compassion to help to continually restore Harmony to nature and empower others to grasp the greater plan of Life.  Let our tongues proclaim in daily song and thankfulness this Divine Harmony.

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