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John Droppa




To All Members of the Academy–

We write within a few hours of the passing of our beloved John Droppa in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 23rd of August, 2010. He was a highly thought of supervisor of the Academy’s books and media, a student on The Keys for over twenty years, and a graduate of the Academy’s advanced training program on The Book of Knowledge. A man of deep faith, John has gone on to a higher plane of glory. It is this vision of the positive future which we shared with him, and which we would like to share with you, that removes sadness and separation.  In short, in John we celebrate the continuation of his Life in higher fellowship.
Although John has been taken from us, he has left a legacy and a responsibility on the meaning of the higher work of The Keys of Enoch® that unites us beyond the veil of this world.  The legacy asks that we be clear and affirmative in our search for truth, peace, and the freedom of each man and woman to live out the best of his human capabilities on the highest level of service to the Divine and to humanity.
John already was looking forward to the light while he was here. He was amazed at the Light Orbs that he would photograph in the room during meditations. He knew that  multidimensional beings can appear in our midst. For if anything is certain in this uncertain world, people of all ages are beginning to question whether  we are alone in the universe and sense there are  multi-dimensions with other beings.  People are questioning the very nature of reality, and even the exclusive preoccupation with life on planet earth –to the exclusion of billions and billions of planets. A new generation requires a higher type of inspiration to put this island we call Planet Earth back in touch with the celestial community.
John was also an engineer and a forward thinker.  And like him we need to look forward and to do the right things in order to create a better future — a future that is TRUE: with advances in agriculture and alternative energy production pioneered by engineers in the world Academy; new biomedical and genetic findings that prove the accuracy of the ‘Divine Code’ first published in The Keys of Enoch®.  A future that has stable social systems and cities of distinctive architecture free from urban blight, civil violence and world terrorism; where worlds come together in conjunction with the science of the cosmic cultures of outer space; and a world closer to the vision of the prophet Isaiah with the sorrows of war permanently consigned to the scrolls of history.
John was a sterling example of humility and sought out the deeper values of why we are here on planet Earth. Throughout years of training in the Academy in South Africa, he helped us to discover the humane values toward which our lives should grow together.  He is to be congratulated as a role-model for us having earned the next level of immortality in the physical dimension by sharing the enthusiasm of life and the higher pathway to immortality. Secondly, to the extent that the quickening of spirit has not occurred for many, our work is before us, and our need for higher counsel and concern will continue.


John Droppa, we salute you and wish you well for the exciting journey into the next chapter of The Book of Life that is connected with the Divine Eternal Father.  Knowing how much you love God and the music and language of higher creation –you should be about your work.  We will all see you in the future when we, too, are transformed into the garments of the Light Body which is our real body living in the Life Continuum that originally brought us here by birth.  In the meantime, we will take your example of care-taking the sacred books and music of the Academy composers –- and be sure that our outreach to new souls will continue in the name of Y-H-W-H.  
If it is possible through Divine Grace, show yourself to us from time to time that we may never lose sight of members of the Heavenly Academy (Yeshivah Or). May each of us learn from the lessons of focus and sacrifice that we must master as being part of the generation that sees the beginning of the Great Ascension.
In the memory of John let us all renew our vigor and dedication to opening the ‘time door’ to the future with The Keys of Enoch® and we will redouble our efforts to reach responsible youth that can learn from our pioneering work together.  
As we reflect on this memorial prayer for John Dropper, a beloved friend, colleague, and member of the Academy fellowship, let us commit ourselves to the challenge of the future, echoing the words of Winston Churchill—‘The hour of our greatest effort and activity is approaching.  We have no fear of them. Let us go forward into its mysteries; let us tear aside the veils which hide it from our eyes and let us move onward with confidence and courage.’ And, as The Keys of Enoch® puts so poignantly well, ‘The soul–our soul–is doomed to perfection. (Key 118). Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak
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