Prayers for Humanity in Houston needed at this Time

The historic rainfall of more than 52″ (or 132 cm) on the fourth largest city in the USA– turning a city area into a lake within hours– should call us to our knees in prayer! This is an ominous sign of things to come from Climate Change and should make us mindful of the inner resources and the resilient heart we can use from within. Let us meet all types of changes –not only from those like Hurricane ‘Harvey’–but those that go to the basics of life itself. The greatest change will be, fortunately, Consciousness itself, as people awaken. Ask yourself, can I develop and use powerful prayers daily to face the complexities and challenges of life’s changes? Let us create and send powerful projections of prayer with visualizations of Light to sustain the people of Houston. Let us pray —

Divine Eternal Father, Light of lights, Heart of heartbeats, send help to my brothers and sisters in Houston. Like the sunrise of a new day, dawn upon them and guide them to safety. Empower Your heavenly Source to help us lift up our souls and thoughts so we can identify with faces and hearts that can be moved from the darkness of life to the unfathomable new day. May You as Divine Mother conquer the negation of the Earth and in all Your manifestations as the Light bring creative nourishment for the city area of Houston and surrounding areas, and – thus help people in their struggle and pilgrimage to feel Your energy and meet with us in prayer as we together accomplish new challenges of life.

G E M A T R I A  G A I A  A I N S O P H (144x)

–Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak