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We salute the passing of our beloved George Feirer who left us on January 23, 2010 in his eighty-seventh year. A bright eyed octogenarian and a long time member of the Academy for Future Science, George was a polymath whose expertise ranged from the biological to the planetary sciences. A lover of nature from a very early age, George explored the Pacific during World War II as a member of the Army Air Force in Burma, China, Malaysia, and vast island areas where he worked with the best, such as Adm. Chester Nimitz in learning the secrets of land-ocean habitats with respect for all other life forms that make up Mother Earth.

In fact, George’s passion was to collect a great variety of land and ocean specimens which became part of the Feirer Institute that he founded. In turn, he attracted the attention of many researchers and journalists over the decades. He was also a founding member of the New Jersey Light House Society and designed the beautiful and powerful “Lighthouse” facade that continues to shine out upon the waters of the Atlantic just north of the little sleepy town of Tuckahoe, New Jersey.

Any one who spoke with George would remember his conversations that covered his many fields of endeavor from his archaeological work in the Yucatan to his thorough knowledge and fascination with giant bat specimens in India and the “Nabakov blue butterflies” of South America! George was a talking encyclopedia who could recite firsthand hundreds of phyla, classes and orders of the biological kingdom with colorful description and Latin names. Fortunately, his work will survive through the Academy naturalists and biologists.

Trained at the University of Ohio and in the American Theater of the Pacific, George was a beloved scholar of scholars and had the rare opportunity of taking Albert Einstein to lunch in the late 1940s when he was working for the Newark Museum in Newark, New Jersey.  He had met the great Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl and the great American naturalist and journalist, Lowell Thomas, who consulted with him on many issues of his acumen.

Most important, the last few decades of his life, he shared his special knowledge with his beloved wife Patricia, one of the facilitators of The Keys classes in southern New Jersey, who was with him through all his recent trials.  Together with Patricia, George engaged in helping others understand the far-reaching blueprint of the Keys of Enoch® and gave freely of his time and service in preparing others to see the teaching of The Academy as part of a higher knowledge bringing together science and spirituality within profound heavenly “orders” of magnitude.

George would like us to continue his legacy by more real support and dedication to the “message” of The Keys and the work of the Academy.  He also asks that we not become “blind sided” by material society and negative thinking.

His soul is now in a higher place, and in his legacy we want everyone to consider how each one of us can make a difference in the way we use our time to “see and know” the ultimate unity of humanity in our Maker, and inspect the Creator’s vast intelligence everywhere throughout living geometry and planetary history. And in this, George, your story continues in our story.

Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Dr. Desiree Hurtak

The Academy for Future Science

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