Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

Prayers are urgently needed for the containment of some of the worst firestorms to hit California in recorded history with a stark warning for all cities and communities. We ask for the calming of the winds and the possibility of more moisture and best of all rain. The quick destruction of a large portion of the beautiful and prominent city of Santa Rosa (a population of 168,000) in northern California is a result of extreme fire storm winds. This event has caused the destruction of over 3,500 homes and businesses as of this writing (10/13/2017) with over thirty people dead and hundreds of missing people.

This is also a dire sign and a worrisome development for all citizens of small communities that have not awakened to real ‘scenarios’ that any place can been razed to the ground in a few days with everything gone as a sign that we have to develop our higher strength and awareness of life within, first and foremost.

What can we do?  Realize we are living in a time of intense Climate/Planetary Change where everyone is on the ‘front lines.’ Being a volunteer or helping hand can help everyone and is the  basic strategy of survival, but equally important are our prayers for mitigating any course of destruction.

Visualize through your mind’s eye a wall of positive watery/silvery light around nearby communities (including Calistoga, California) and cities and communities being subjected to the rash of wild fire storms. Concentrate and use with great intensity, vocalizations of the Sacred Names and Prayers for immediate containment and liquidation of the fires of destruction. Use positive psychology and musical linguistics in administering comfort and compassion to all in need of support.  Use the Academy’s teaching on the Sacred Names and know that miracles will happen with the right attitude and perseverance.  Let us pray:


Divine Eternal YAH, Father of all fatherhoods, Divine Shekinah and Blessed Christ working throughout the world, we pray with the ancient mystical sacred words, calling upon the pillar of Light from Your Presence – the LAY-OO-ESH SHEKINAH (72 times).  May a zone of protection be around all people and places in need of Your Divine Protection with the Presence of Your  Living Light.

May the power also of the Shekinah Esh (72 times) create a purifying, non-consuming fire to extinguish all fires of destruction and death.

In your Holy Name–O Agape Theou (72 times), bless and sanctify the work of each of us as vessels for the Holy Spirit in bringing comfort and inner peace to those who are in turmoil and at a loss without Your Light. 

Amen, Amen, Amen, and Amen.