Erika Scheidl

Erika Scheidl


Erika Scheidl


The European Academy is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our beloved Erika Scheidl of Vienna, Austria (19 August 2011).  Her passing into glory was practically within hours of the passing of our beloved Antje Wiegand. Erika and her husband, “Gerry” Scheidl, were facilitators of our Academy study group for many years in the bustling city of Vienna. In fact, they were part of the very first group of The Keys in Vienna shared The Keys of Enoch® teachings with young people of all backgrounds who were interested in the study.  We fondly remember her during all our major European congresses and in her small but beautiful flat in the city where she would always be one of the crucial helpers with her husband in the reception of guests for all parts of Europe, preparing the ambience of meeting for study and questions that reached into the early part of the morning.  She always had a deep love of The Keys and enthusiasm for the new media and musical work that the Academy artists presented throughout the world.

We especially remember Erika who made noble efforts to help us organize our special seminars as well as all teaching classes of Academy lecturers in Vienna, in spite of her health problems. The team of the European Academy gratefully remembers her in her selfless work at the registration and book tables during many years of the annual European Keys-Conference. When we think of Erika we always feel that she was a little saint being prepared for greater work in the new worlds of creation.

We bless the passing of life of Erika with both sadness and joy for one who strongly faced the specter of death with a higher faith and understanding of eternal life with the assistance of the two “Motherly powers and inward Daughters” that come with the Spirit of the Holy Names – the Shekinah (Divine Presence) and the Binah (Understanding life with Compassion).  May she be blessed with the Ammi-Shaddai as she becomes re-united with those in the heavens.  And may her husband, beloved Gerald “Gerry” Scheidl be blessed and nourished in continual living Light with Erika.

We pray, O Yahweh Yedor Elohim, may the power of the Christ always be with the work and life of Erika in our lives.  O Yod-He-Vod-He Christos, we laud and praise the work of the Holy Names that Erika exemplified in our lives.


Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

Prof. J.J. Hurtak and Prof. Desiree Hurtak

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