Egypt Aug 2013

Egypt Aug 2013

Prayers for Egypt

The eyes of the world have been upon the suffering of Egypt and the quest to evolve democratic institutions beyond the rivalries and truly realize the Arab Spring. At the same time, behind the external political scenes there is a struggle between those forces that want to downgrade the historical monuments of Egypt and even cover the head of the Great Sphinx.
We are told in the Egyptian and Coptic texts — those whom later Egyptian writers called “gods” — built up a fabric of  civilization based on interplanetary movements, mathematics and architectural  super-monuments that came to be out of the abounding fulness of their energies. It seems the sands of time and the ongoing revolution of leaders can never wholly sweep away Egypt as the historic schoolhouse for the world.
Our present prayers must be with all of the people of Egypt, especially those who are the basic caretakers of food and fabric, not to lose hope. Let us send energy to the humble guides for the important work in Upper and Lower Egypt so that friends of Egypt, explorers and tourists, can  return to her from all over the world. The people of Egypt cry to us and we must offer prayers for balance and harmony in the language of the patriarchs and prophets, sages and mystics who have spoken from her soil in previous eras of civilization in the Egyptian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Coptic, Greek and Arabic tongue. Let us pray and meditate with these words:

O Divine Eternal Most High, El Elyon. Hear our prayers.

May Thy Sacred Name of Rachmana (Aramaic)The Compassionate One, Ar-Rahman (Arabic) or Theos oiktirmon (Greek)
—be upon our lips for the healing of the Egyptian people.

Let us proclaim Thy Divine Presence of Love be upon Egypt as we envision a golden path of reconciliation for brothers and sisters of all backgrounds who seek peace and harmony (Pax et Concordia) in the land visited by the Christ child (Matthew, chapter 2) who brought the message of inner reconciliation to Thee even as a child passing through the cities of Egypt.
May the image of Jesus and the Divine Mother, Miriam, spoken of as the “greatest of women” in the Koran –be upon the people of Egypt in this time of change.

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen
Dr. J.J. Hurtak & Dr. Desiree Hurtak

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