URGENT prayers are requested for the people of Ecuador as a result of the enormous 7.8 (Richter Scale) earthquake and massive after shakes that have struck the complete coastal region of Ecuador. Reports from members of the Academy in Ecuador, in Portoviejo, Manabí (around 300 kilometers from the epicenter) speak of the tremor that was felt. The earthquake lasted for at least 40 seconds. Our colleagues speak of the quake being felt in all major cities from and including Quito to the East and Guayaquil to the south.  Lives have been lost but as of this date (16 April) no loss of life for members of the Academy or friends. This quake coming within days of 2 recent major quakes in southern Japan, suggests more changes will come to all countries and all sides of Pacific Plate, activated from below. All members of our active fellowship should pray intensely the Divine Names for survivors in Ecuador and Japan and be prepared to help others move to higher ground with ample water supply.

Divine Father, Y-H-V-H, using Your holy Names, we pray ‘Mehayyai Hametim’ –deliver all into eternal life and preserve the living with hope and with a vision of the Day of Graduation.

You, Divine Father, Divine Mother, Eternal Christ, Who have prepared us to live in the Love and the Light of Your Grace, have compassion for all people. Send Light and Deliverance to all brothers and sisters in Ecuador and Japan and open our eyes to be caretakers of the Waters of Life, and the Vibrations of Souls awaken with these Sacred Expressions:

MAI-N, MARI, MARIE, MAREI (Variations of Mary or Miryam in Aramaic and Coptic) 12x

Beloved Mother, help balance and deliver the suffering so that Peace May Prevail on Earth.