The headlines coming from the West African countries, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria on the increasing spread of Ebola (October 2014) with the predicted deaths of tens of thousands should be understood in the context of sensitive scientific and spiritual approaches to a very serious problem that requires ‘the best of healing attitudes.’ It should not be through ‘fear attitudes’ as spawned by many of the Western news media reports, but by methods that can help the multitudes find a positive solution.

As ones who have worked in Africa in the fields of education, music, anthropology and archaeology — we have a few reflections to be pondered upon. First of all, we must be very thankful for those doctors, nurses and social workers who have gone to the front lines to contain, as best possible, the headwaters of this disease from spreading. The problems in Africa can also be approached through the power and effectiveness of Remote Prayers and Energy Transmission through Sacred Language which we teach through the Academy.

Ebola is a serious problem not to be lightly dismissed–but it still requires those of us who have a belief in the power of healing to use the Light rather than retreat into psychological darkness and despair. Standing firm in prayer and thought-projection of support, we can make our ‘brotherly and sisterly presence’ known on the higher realms to those in Africa. They can feel our prayers and know they are not estranged by the world. We know through self-realization that from the moment of our birth, the fear of ‘death’ will be always in our aura and can only be handled by transforming our consciousness into a daily ‘victory’ in the use of energy and life’s power of using ‘Light’. The understanding of “overcoming death” –the last enemy– is not just by intellect but by inner knowingness and spiritual powers that come through the calling upon the Holy Spirit and Shekinah (Divine Presence).

As ones who have practiced the power of visualization and the extension of thought to local and distant targets, we recall many who have proven that healing, even remote healing can make a difference. For example, when we were a speaker and participant, respectively, with the former Academy for Parapsychology and Medicine, Los Altos, California in the early 1970s, we enjoyed talks with the late Dr. Carl Simonton. He taught hundreds of doctors and cadets at the American Air Force Academy to use his visualization techniques of how to overcome the scourge of lung and throat cancer by “visualizing Light” in the mouth cavity devouring and destroying the growth of cancer –without chemotherapy and medical surgery. Dr. Simonton became very successful and legendary! We were also blessed to know Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross who came to our Academy’s Easter seminar in Virginia and spoke of her powerful insights into helping with critical medical situations through using spontaneous drawings as a therapeutic tool to address serious problems within a person’s anatomy. Very keen insights of knowingness could be freely addressed through remote viewing, especially the details of organ parts that could not be seen except through very expensive medical diagnostics! Perhaps, the most exceptional work was done by our late friend and healer in Brazil, Dr. Mauricio Panisett, who could see and heal people directly at any distance with his X-ray vision and the “exceptional light flowing through his body” from higher spiritual sources!

In this hour, when illness is knocking on the doors f many houses in Africa, we must place the Sacred Names on the “door post” to be a vehicle of positive change. Changes can come through using the vibrations of a higher Language we call in The Keys of Enoch® the ‘Language of Light’ through which higher consciousness can be experienced. As the field of disease is affecting the lives of those suffering, may it be replaced by the extended energy field of the Divine Spirit placed around each soul that is in need of spiritual or physical healing.

There is an inner divine Light wave within all matter and material bodies that can be harnessed and utilized by those who take the higher road of using positive energy to become aware. These are the ones who can effectively use the induction of healing through the modulation of energy fields, and the ‘projected presence’ of energy. Let us cooperate together in a Divine Fellowship that transforms both spiritual and psychological conditions of life so we can work for positive change!


Let us pray by projecting our spiritual light from where we are towards Africa:

Maria Sophia Shekinah

(Divine Mother of Wisdom and of the Divine Presence)

heal the troubled areas of Africa–24x.


Emma Habula-tihu Laze Ma-Hala

(Divine Mother of the Oath of Life–Christian Ethiopic Prayer)

heal and deliver people in need of Your power of Life over death. (Also 12x.)

Let us protect ourselves daily with the white garments of prayer and Light.

In the names of the Divine Father –Abba.

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.


Bless you always in YHWH.

Dr. J.J. Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak

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