Beloved colleagues and friends of the Academy–worldwide.

As massive earth changes strike our globe as we have seen in central ITALY creating a great loss of life and almost simultaneously the 6.8 on the Richter scale in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) in the Far East with the destruction of priceless temples and shrines dating back over a thousand of years. We realize that changes are coming to our small planet. According to the Keys of Enoch® –a series of geophysical pressures will build up in intensity and be trans-continental in the scope of their disaster symmetry since they will be triggered by energy forces coming from deep inside the Earth. Accordingly, they will trigger waves that will bounce off corresponding sides of our Earth like a bell ringing. (Note. This was discussed with Dr. Richter himself at Cal Tech in 1985.) Events on one continent will be connected with events on another continent, West to East, and East to West. This will turn our eyes inward and outward to the understanding of the realities of our cosmic place in the universe and those who are watching us.

Let us pray for all victims of earth change who are suffering at this time and share our great strength and perseverance with everyone who has been affected. For survivors and our brothers and sisters all over the globe, let us pray:

Beloved and Omniscient Divine Lover, send Your help to surviving brothers and sisters. Let your Love and Presence surround them whether upon the earth or in the heavens. We are ultimately Eternal beings and we are all visitors to this realm of life.
We ask that the power of El Shaddai, Metatron, the Power of the Almighty be with them always as we pray,
EL SHADDAI SHAMAH, YHWH SHAMAH (12+ times with visualization of healing).
Let us be reminded that all things are in flux and that we can only be truly safe in the inner core of our being which abides within the consciousness of the Eternal Light and Divine Grace.
Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.