The Passing of Dr. Masaru Emoto


We would like to take this opportunity to send our heartfelt sympathy and support to the family of our beloved friend and colleague, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who made his transition the week of October 17, 2014.  He will always be recognized the world over as a scientist who confirmed the power of mind over matter.  Dr. Emoto was a special genius who opened the eyes of the world to the inner geometries of the snowflake and the transformative energy of the mind. He understood how thought, as well as musical sounds can bring a profound understanding of the true power of life, operating with corresponding beauty and revealing the vibrational powers in life. He also understood the power of love and compassion, seeing how it can shape the water crystals or the water within all life forms.

Although we lectured with Dr. Emoto on many occasions, we are still most proud of co-sponsoring with New Realities, Emoto’s first lecture in New York City where he spoke to nearly a thousand cheering friends who joined in his paraphysical concentration connected with crystalline water samples. His deep insights into natural science, technical virtuosity in the use of sound and consciousness, and a range of scientific subjectsill continue to enlighten the world through his wonderful photographs and books.

Dr. Emoto provided us with some of the best validation of how the power of human consciousness can change the minds of many leading thinkers. He was truly a pioneer of higher thought in our generation and his legacy will continue well into the Twenty-First Century. A big star crystal of his soul has been added to the heavens.