Climate Change

Climate Change

Floods and Drought: The Current

State of Climate Change

If you live in Bangladesh or the northern part of the UK (United Kingdom) or West Wales (now add Russia and many other places as the changes contiue…), you probably are having to use sandbags to protect your home. With the drought across the planet and in U.S. Mid-West, etc. you are figuring out how to continue to grow your crops and save your cows.

We are clearly living in the midst of “climate change” and it’s hitting all of us, around the world. For the month of June 2012, the UK received more accumulated rainfall than ever recorded (within 350 years of record keeping). Also the cities and villages were covered in clouds for most of the summer time. In Bangladesh, at least 100people have been killed and 200,000 stranded in the recent flooding.
If you living in the USA, we encourage everyone to watch: or which updates you on what is taking place around the country.

What can we do?
Things can quickly change, the UK was in the drought until recently. Therefore, most importantly, our prayers and energies need to be sent out to help people, animals and nature itself in the midst of climate change.
The weather is not necessarily at our command, but we can help neutralize the energies as the indigenous people have taught for centuries.
Let us continue to do our part to help balance nature with a higher consciousness awareness, and with prayer.
Let us also save and recycle water, and look for better green strategies that do not depend on the old cycles.

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