SCWhat a beautiful drawing by a child here in Charleston.  As the nine angels now watch over their Holy City, may we continue to unite and show God’s Love and Forgiveness to all people! At the bottom of the picture, the child artist draws all races of people coming together in unity. “A tragic and unspeakable event took place on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015, in Charleston, SC, –my home state.”
It was then that nine beautiful souls were slaughtered during Bible study at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. This requires our highest prayers to the Most High, El Elyon, and our asking for assistance in healing the schisms that exist within the hearts and minds of humanity.
Charleston is known as “The Holy City”, because of the many church steeples that dot the skyline. Amidst the tears and suffering of its people, the world witnessed something miraculous as many of the families of those gunned down, looked into the eyes of the shooter and offered him their forgiveness, and spoke of mercy and invited the shooter to please look for God. There
was no rage, no accusations, simply a profound witness to the power of God’s Love. Afterward, people outside the courtroom gathered and sang gospel hymns. They handled the tragedy with such love and a sense of community.

Sadly, as events like this shooting happen all too frequently, we realize that we are in a most critical time in planetary history and it is keenly important for us to do the higher work – of cultivating Peace in our Hearts and in our Minds, and visualizing the Dove of Peace over all areas of conflict, especially now in Charleston, SC.

Let us invoke the image of the Divine Mother and ask for blessings of Unity and Peace for all people. O Divine Mother, Mata, Mata, show us the way of Compassion, of Mercy, of Forgiveness and unconditional Love for all people. And in the Name of the Divine Eternal Father, YHWH, we sing and praise all of your Holy Names:

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

Antara Brandner