Prayers for the Planet Prayer is the practice of the presence of Divine.
Prayer is the place of admitting our need for direct Divine Dialog.
Prayer is the exercise of faith and hope.
Prayer is the privilege of touching the heart of the Divine.

Corona 2020 A Higher Message

    We need to Seek a Higher Faith rather than a World-Wide Fear Much of the world media is pushing humanity into a psychology of fear rather than an understanding how we are to use our greater powers of higher consciousness to overcome negative realities. This is what a Living Faith is all about! [...]

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Awakening to Peace

Awakening to the Culture of Peace The very tragic and serious ramifications of massive death that descended upon the community of Aurora, Colorado (July 20th, 2012), by a crazed student with a very good university status illustrates how powerful the culture of violence has influenced the minds of the youth, especially in the West, through [...]

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Why Prayer

Why is Prayer Important by Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak In prayer we become conscious that we are part of a greater plan, and release the focus on ourselves.  If we think that we are all there is in the universe, we may find ourselves mistaken. Prayer helps us to awaken to the fact that [...]

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On the Path of Peace

A Visualization For all those on the Path of Peace Let us visualize the Divine Guardians of the Living Godhead and the Angelic Forces of the Universe sending Light down upon the countries of the Middle East. A sign of Peace is created with a large eye that becomes a vortex through which the myriad [...]

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Prayer Support

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