Prayers for the PlanetTaking time alone or with a prayer group to focus healing uplifting energy for all circumstances on the planet you were born on is a privilege.

Take the time to review world prayer needs on your own or as a group.


URGENT–CALL FOR PRAYERS AND MEDITATIONS FOR NEPAL One of the most devastating earthquakes (7.8 on the Richter scale) in recent times has rocked a large area of the East encompassing the historic sacred areas of Nepal, Tibet (China) and villages as far away as Bhutan. As of this writing, the death toll has passed five [...]

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Israel-Palestine 2014

Israel-Palestine Dialectic Over Lands of Blessing   The troubles of the Near East, now in Gaza (July 2014) and surrounding areas, require our highest prayers for all sides truly seeking inner and outer peace in the most turbulent area of the world – Israel-Palestine, the lands of the prophets, sages, mystics, and home to the [...]

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Ukraine 2014

Love and Compassion in the Ukraine From all over the world we send our prayers of support for the preservation of the democratic freedoms of free speech in the Ukraine so that a positive evolutionary change can take place within the historic territories of the peoples of eastern Europe. We ask for the intervention of [...]

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Nigeria 2014

Bless the Eyes of the Righteous (Nigeria) The events in Northern Nigeria (April-May 2014) with the abduction of nearly 300 Nigerian Christian girls en masse has stunned all of the cities of Nigeria. The ‘forced repetition’ of foreign religious declarations by the captured girls wearing head overs and shawls demanded by Islamic extremists and being [...]

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Typhoon Haiyan the Philippines

Emergency Prayer Request–Philippines All members and associates of the Academy fellowship throughout the world are urgently asked for prayers and mental light projections of help and healing to be shared with the people of the Philippines and the surrounding island communities.  Knowing that this is considered the strongest typhoon (hurricane) on record with winds of [...]

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Egypt Aug 2013

Prayers for Egypt The eyes of the world have been upon the suffering of Egypt and the quest to evolve democratic institutions beyond the rivalries and truly realize the Arab Spring. At the same time, behind the external political scenes there is a struggle between those forces that want to downgrade the historical monuments of [...]

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Special Prayer for Peace Israel and Palestine

A SPECIAL PRAYER FOR PEACE FOR THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL AND PALESTINE Beloved friends throughout the world, let our eyes now turn to the two halves of the Holy Land: Israel and Palestine.  Let us transform the tragic confrontations we have seen into a state of Peace and Resolution by means of the highest levels [...]

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Sandy: Prayers to Change the Violent Weather Patterns We appeal to all members of the Academy fellowship in North America to be part of our "early warning system" to thwart the course of the destruction of this major hurricane "Sandy" for the northeast coast of the United States from Oct 29-November 1, 2012. As most [...]

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Climate Change

Floods and Drought: The Current State of Climate Change If you live in Bangladesh or the northern part of the UK (United Kingdom) or West Wales (now add Russia and many other places as the changes contiue...), you probably are having to use sandbags to protect your home. With the drought across the planet and [...]

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