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Prayers for the Planet Taking time alone or with a prayer group to focus healing uplifting energy for all circumstances on the planet you were born on is a privilege.

Take the time to review world prayer needs on your own or as a group.

Mexico Earthquakes 2017

URGENT PRAYERS ARE REQUESTED FOR MEXICO CITY   At this time (19 September 2017) we request prayers, meditations and social help to brothers and sisters in Mexico City (Federal District) and Puebla who are suffering from one of the great earthquakes on record (7.1 on the Richter scale).  This is comparable to the massive earthquakes [...]

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Beloved colleagues and friends of the Academy–worldwide. As massive earth changes strike our globe as we have seen in central ITALY creating a great loss of life and almost simultaneously the 6.8 on the Richter scale in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) in the Far East with the destruction of priceless temples and shrines dating back over [...]

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Charleston, SC A tragic and unspeakable event

What a beautiful drawing by a child here in Charleston.  As the nine angels now watch over their Holy City, may we continue to unite and show God's Love and Forgiveness to all people! At the bottom of the picture, the child artist draws all races of people coming together in unity. "A tragic and [...]

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Middle East

Middle East Prayers  Please pray with us for the spirit of Freedom and the ultimate finding of inner and outer Peace to be manifest in all areas of the Near East. We know that there is a growing consciousness awakening all over the planet and so let us pray that these changes will principally come [...]

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New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND We request that members of the Academy throughout the world pray and send Light to our brothers and sisters of New Zealand who have experienced the severe earthquake that recently hit Christchurch.  In addition, there was an enormous iceberg -- estimated to weigh 30 million tonnes or more -- that broke off from [...]

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Prayers for Egypt

Our Prayers for Egypt   Already statues in the museum of Cairo have been vandalized. Although there are many peaceful protestors, others like to take advantage of a deteriorating political environment. There are many sites that will provide answers to the questions of evolution and our past in connection with the stars and Higher Intelligence. [...]

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Prayers for the Gulf of Mexico

We offer our prayers for the Gulf of Mexico!   May the oil spill catastrophe that is contaminating the waters, the estuaries, the river inlets, and the breeding grounds of birds and all marine life forms be stopped and the oil be drained away so that there is a restoration of the waters. Let us [...]

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