Betty Salmon

Composer, Singer and Musical Teacher Worldwide

It is with great surprise and inner peace that we write about the sudden upward journey that beloved Betty Salmon has made as the result of a car accident not of her making. Let us picture her with a musical gait, walking in the morning air to the tune of composer Ralph Vaughan Williams laughing and smelling flowers. We see her happy face along a mountainside path overlooking the beautiful flower gardens at the base of Table Mountain, or walking and singing along the still, azure blue ocean off Fishhoek, Cape Town, where she lived. Wherever Betty was—was the music of the soul!
Betty herself was a composer of songs, hymns and ballads. She graced our European seminars many times with her visits to Austria, Germany and Switzerland, where she would orchestrate to hundreds of congress attendees with her near-perfect pitch on the sacred mantras. We remember singing with her in the strong breeze blowing on top of Table Mountain; we remember singing with her in the mountain heights of Austria overlooking the city of Feldkirch where we would have many of our Pentecost Congresses; we remember singing with her in the auditorium of the Technical University in Budapest, Hungary, when the delegates suddenly came to life with the tempest of our strong voices singing together! In fact, some of her last thoughts were that she would miss being with us. Wherever we look we shall miss her voice–at the Academy’s center in Johannesburg, at conferences in Dornbirn, in Helsinki, in Strassburg, in Berlin, and even singing in the car going to and from the Munich Airport. She rarely tired of her long travels to Europe from the tip of South Africa. The Knowledge of the eternal soul allows us to wipe our tears with happiness!
Betty knew and lived her mission. She knew that music was the key to overcoming the challenges that threaten personal security, social change and just plain relationships that has threatened many in South Africa and Europe. We talked about the music of compassion and the need for more teaching on the inner peace work with the Divine Mother that cuts through every layer of society. The deep music of compassion brings the music of companionship into the realization of the vibratory power of souls that sing to one another. We often spoke about the music that brought out higher creativity or the Overself as a gift to life. If there is one essential characteristic or element most needed to ensure the success of those who seek the immortal Overself, it is the vibration of self-honesty. Without true integrity–from inside out–it is impossible for the seeker to come into a conscious, living relationship with the Divinity within which is needed for an understanding of the greater path of Life.
Betty, at over ninety years of age, was never old. At the same time she exemplifies our new book on the Seventy-Two Names … of the Divine Mother that opens another level of unity work with the Divine feminine which she exemplified. Now it will be up to each one of us to prepare others to learn and use these Names effectively and to gain inner power needed to overcome unsettling scenarios as Betty did. From being a nurse during WW2 in Britain to leading The Academy, Keys groups in the Cape, she always emanated a Higher Love for everyone.


—let us open our ears to a great music teacher and, listen. If we listen clearly with our hearts we can still hear her teaching and singing from the Heavens!

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.
—Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Dr. Desiree Hurtak, AFFS Worldwide