In Loving Remembrance of Barbara Marx Hubbard —
Beloved Sister, Brave and futuristic Soul, you will be missed on this blue-green planet we call “Mother Earth.” Fortunately, we are still connected with you in Spirit and will see you on the other side when our time of passage comes. We thank you for standing up against the prophets of doom while affirming the abundance of Joy within this life as a futuristic embrace of the greater life throughout the universe.

We also thank you for the positive vision and enthusiasm of life you brought to tens of thousands of spiritual seekers and scientists with an inspirational futuristic teaching across the world. We are fond of the many happy years we were with you, especially at events in talking with the youth of the world at the Great Harmonic Convergence in Hawaii, singing musical mantras with spiritual leaders gathered in the mountains of Switzerland, or even walking along the beaches in Santa Barbara under the stars.

The still small voice, the voice of compassion that brought many Light workers to be with you, will continue with those who understand the price that has to be paid for taking the higher path. This was the path of the Prince of Peace that drew you to the importance of the Christed message of hope and futurism. We know many that have been inspired by you, will continue the work of the Infinite Way with Joy.

May the greater work continue beyond memories,
and may the real Kingdom come
“Tavo Malkutayka”

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

Eternal Love Beloved Sister,
Dr. J.J. Hurtak & Dr. Desiree Hurtak