Antje Wiegand

Antje Wiegand


Antje Wiegand

The Academy for Future Science Europe celebrates the transition of our beloved Antje Wiegand to a higher plane of glory (18 August 2011). Antje was a deeply dedicated member of the Academy For Future Science for over twenty-two years and worked tirelessly to bring the teachings of the Enoch to all parts of Europe.

We first remember meeting her and her husband when I

[J.J.] spoke at the International Congress on Extraterrestrial Reality in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1989 with Michael Heesemann, Stanton Friedman, and world experts. With their hearts dedicated to a Christ-centered philosophical theology, and minds deeply interested in future science, the Wiegands were very instrumental in helping the publication of several books of The Academy in the German language, among them The Return of the Dove, Our Higher Heritage, The Merkabah, and Our Guiding Hand.

Perhaps, her greatest achievement was working with her husband, Siegfried and us in California on the first German publication of The Holy Sephiroth and The Keys of Enoch®in two volumes. We remember the fond times we spent in talking to my friends at Lockhead Engineering on the new possibilities of discovering life in the high frontier of Outer Space as forecast by the Keys.

We also remember the happy times we traveled together to Budapest, Hungary, where we spoke at the prestigious Technical University on the importance of the fulfillment of the scientific prophecy in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®and interviews and testimonials from American, German and Russian engineers and space pioneers.

Through her trials with cancer the last years of her life it was her self-realization in using the Divine Names that carried her forward to continue to help with meetings and support at our annual congresses and conference. Her perseverance in seeking to question and seek answers to the deeper aspects of the nature of the soul led to the publication of what will be the first Tischreden book in German (2012) . Finally, in her struggle for the meaning of existence in this world of material challenges, and the preparations needed for the return of Christ in the externalization of the Hierarchy, Antje was steadfast in her realization that the “powers of Glory” that we experience in Divine Service are far greater than the “powers of this world” that confront us in day to day existence. Antje we will miss you but feel your “light” in our lives as we reflect on our responsibilities in divine service.

May her example of life remind us of the Apostle Paul who was taken to the third heaven where he experienced hearing the “Divine Names” that are not permitted to be used on Earth in this veil of tears. May her love of the Divine Eternal Father, YHWH, the Eternal Son Christ, and the Eternal Spirit, the Ruach, be upon us in Light.

In the Divine Words of the Messianic blessing that was used by the ancient scholars to be upon one who loved the Word of God… Aleph Etz Adonai Ha-Zaddik. In the name of Zechariah, Ezra and John the Divine, may the soul of Antje, one who believed in the triumph of the Word and Law, be blessed in the Eternal Family.

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

Prof. J.J. Hurtak and Prof. Desiree Hurtak

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