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About The Academy for Future Science


The Academy for Future Science is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people get together and explore the truths behind the Bible in serious prayer and study and with a deeper understanding of how the Sacred Scriptures connect with modern science.

The Academy believes that meditation and prayer are essential for daily life and spiritual renewal.

We subscribe to both silent and verbal meditation and feel that each method has its own place and purpose.
To that end, those of the Judeo-Christian belief often ask what names of the Divine can be used in verbal meditation?  To answer this, we turn to Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., who has worked as a scholar in linguistics to understand sacred language both in the East and West. He has provided us with a series of names that have traditionally been used to address the Divine.  Please keep in mind that all religions have many names of the Godhead.

Dr. Hurtak’s recent book that has 72 Biblical (Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic) Names is now available.  

Prayer Support

If you would like additional support for your prayers, how to use prayers or to understand The Academy teachings, please contact us at

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