A Message of Peace for the Ukraine

From all over the world we send our prayers of support for the preservation of the democratic freedoms of free speech in the Ukraine so that a positive evolutionary change can take place within the historic territories of the peoples of eastern Europe. We ask for the intervention of ‘Our Lady of Kiev’–represented in the symbol of the Divine Feminine with the Christ child for Divine Intervention with a sign from above, allowing the peoples of Europe, the peoples of the Ukraine, and the peoples of Russia to understand the common foundations of a higher birthright that brought the message of the Cosmic Christ through the saints in Europe. We pray for the activation of the sacred centers of higher Love and Compassion in the Ukraine­Vladimir Monastery of the Holy Mountain; Kiev Monastery of Caves ( http://go2ua.com/pages/view/cave_monastery_lavra), Tmutarakan Church, Svyatogorsk sacred community, Cherson sacred community, Dristra holy community, Prestav holy community­as holy centers of contact for the angelic dimensions of intelligence.

Let us hasten the Compassion of the Virgin Theotokos and Queen, and the Protection of Michael giving thanks unto Christ, and gazing at their powers of Love and Understanding. Let us humbly sing to the Prince of Peace, the Nasi Shalom. Let peace and good will come upon all peoples and let all cities and lands be protected from the enemy of war and spiritual destruction. Let the Christ image shine on all who choose to go the way of Peace.

May the Divine Mother help the Ukraine in this time of transition. Let us pray–
Theotokos Christou (144x).

The Academy for Future Science

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