Personal PrayerMay the Creator of All – Help Me at this time of Need with Divine Blessings and Personal Healing. Let me feel the illumination from You come into my heart in the form of emanations of Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Understanding. Allow me to participate in Your Life Force, for You are the Living I AM. Help me to visualize the highest “Light,” the superluminal Light, which I now feel coming into me with great Warmth and Joy – entering my being.

Let me receive Your Loving Kindness and heal my life [or my condition] so that I may be completely restored and become a living vessel of Perfection and Glory. As I feel Your Loving-kindness in the innermost space of my being, let Your force of Divine “Light” renew my body, mind, soul and spirit. Let Your Divine Power continue to help and assist me in maintaining  this flow of Your Divine Love and Healing Power with the power of Archangel Raphael – bringing me into a perfect renewal with Your Divine Protection.

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Bless Mother EarthAnonymous011-22-2017
Pai Filho Espirito Santo.
Earth Sun Moon
I pray for all those souls who have been unconscous or consciously positioned against my country Venezuela and its government. I pray that people open their eyes to a more balanced view of what is happening in this country, the good and the bad, the interesting and the ugly
Mother Gaia and servantsAnonymous311-02-2017
I humbly ask to pray for peace, compassion, healing and Divine Love to blanket Mother Earth and all her inhabitants at this time of transition...seen and unseen...remembered and forgotten. Also pray for all those who seek to attain greater connection with their overselves. Please Divine Triple power guide us where we need to be and grant us the opportunity to awaken, so that we can be of greater service and love to all our earthly brethren.
Proteccion para MexicoAnonymous209-23-2017
Fortaleza a los mexicanos. Que la tierra y los volcanes se tranquilicen.
Mexico lleno de amor
Further update on John VAnonymous109-19-2017
John the medical student of 23 who collapsed when his heart stopped and they induced a coma is now awake and very aware. It would appear that he needs an ICD Implantable cardioverter defibrillator to keep his arrhythmia under control. He will undergo this procedure on Thursday morning London UK time. Oh Shem Shel Geburrah we thank you for this protection of your beloved son oh YHWH. We pray for the totally healing of his mind body emotions and spirit of Ani Yahweh Rofekha. We pray for his restoration of his DNA in perfection oh HaShem. Blessed art thou Beloved YHWH. Todah HaShem x3 Amen x4
Update on 'John in coma'Anonymous009-11-2017
John awakened from the coma today. He is groggy and confused from all the medication. They are not sure if his memory is as functional as it was prior to the collapse which could mean his inability to complete the degree. It seems that he may have had arrhythmia that went into overload and shut down his heart. It took twenty five minutes to get him onto the ventilator although he had cpr so his functionality at this point if miraculous and doctors are surprised. We believe that prayer is the factor and beg of you all to pray for his full functionality to return according to the will of his soul and the will ofbthe Beloved Father. Ye asseh retzoncha. We pray in the Nme of Abba Nartoomid Layooesh Shekinah Nasi Shalom for John V to recover fully so that he may heal exceptionally when he becomes a doctor. We pray for his heart to be filled with golden white Light in the Name of the Most High El Elyon. We visualise the Ze awakening his consciousness in his heart and mind and healing John on all possible levels according to thy will Pater Imon. May the Christ protect him always and may he be inspired by the Panagia the Theotokos the Shekinah. Todah HaShem Todah HaShem Todah HaShem Amen Amen Amen Amen
Urgent prayer John in comaAnonymous109-09-2017
John a brilliant 23 year old medical student collapsed in the street and then went into cardiac arrest. He is now in an induced coma while they work out what happened. He has bruises on his temples on both sides. Any Yahweh Rofekha Ain Soph
High Blood Pressure,Diabetes, Diabetic Retinopathy and Cataracts both eyes
Thank you for Jurges miracleAnonymous008-06-2017
The tumour has disappeared although life is still difficult. Please pray for his life to be eased and his strength to return as he learns to cope with the health challenges. Todah HaShem x 3 Amen x 4
Protection for Christina and NicholasAnonymous008-06-2017
Please pray for this young mother and toddler. The father has accused her of abducting her son and now says she is bipolar which is untrue. May the healing Light surround and protect them. May the Emet Adonai help them to resolve this rift and may the most positive solution for all involved materialise in the Name of Shelomith Shalom
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