Personal PrayerThe action of personal prayer is an exercise in compassion for yourself and others. Setting aside a Spiritual focus in your daily life to allow Divine intervention into your life and the environment around you will improve any situation.

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Jurgen is critical
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for Jurgen. His tumour is close to bursting and radiation is beginning to reduce it. Please pray for his wife and daughter. Oh Ani Yahweh Rofekha blessed art thou. In the name of the Layooesh Shekinah and in the name of the Nasi Shalom we visualise golden years of compassion healing this pain and shrinking the tumour and if it is thy will oh beloved Abba Nartoomid may he have a miraculous recovery. May he be filled with the Shelomith Shalom and may your name be upon his forehead. Todah Hashem x 3 Amen x 4