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  • Australia and Puerto Rico 2020 - FIRE STORMS IN AUSTRALIA AND EARTHQUAKE DISASTER IN PUERTO RICO   We send prayers for the suffering in Australia and Puerto Rico, two different parts of the world signaling that more catastrophic disaster is to come. The scale is too gigantic to comprehend. Fortunately, the human death toll is not as high, but we also […]


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Welcome to our website!

This site is especially designed to allow you personally

to request or add your prayers or memorials

for people or places on planet Earth.


This is a public site, when you submit your prayers, in some cases personal information may be edited to protect the privacy of those being publicly listed. Therefore, we prefer you to use your first name and last initial and the first name only of the person to whom you are requesting prayers. Detailed specifics about the circumstances is not necessary, please use only general terms. It is advisable that you check first with the person, before submitting a prayer request for them.

Thank you.